J2ME Password Generator for mobile devices

This application generates site specific passwords based on a master password. This means that different sites all have different passwords, but you only need to remember one password. This application makes it possible to generate these passwords on a cellphone or mobile device. It implements two password schemes, namely SuperGenPass and Password Composer.


Theoretically, PassGen should work on any phone which supports Java ME with MIDP 1.0. In practice it probably won't ;-) It has been tested on the following devices. Please let me know if it works on something not listed here.


To install the application, enter one of the following URLs in your phone's browser, or if your phone supports QR or DM codes, scan one of the following codes.

http://mene.za.net/passgen.jad http://mene.za.net/passgen.jad

You can also download the JAR file directly or browse a list of available versions. The source code is available as an archive or Bazaar repository and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Version History

0.2.2 - 2009/10/26
Added za.org and za.net to the list of TLDs.
0.2.1 - 2009/06/18
Fixed bug in subdomain stripping.
0.2 - 2009/05/15
Added SuperGenPass support and subdomain removal.
0.1 - 2009/05/13
Initial release with Password Composer support.


Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback.

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